Weddings and couples' ceremonies


More and more people are choosing to celebrate important occasions in their lives using a celebrant.

Weddings, commitment ceremonies, engagements, handfastings, renewals of vows; whatever your choice, I can help you create the perfect occasion.

Of course, it is still necessary, in the case of marriage, to register a wedding legally, but in terms of your celebration, the choice is yours.

The beauty of using a celebrant is that the ceremony can take place almost anywhere you choose, from your own garden to a beach. You have the freedom to choose your own location. If I can help you achieve the ceremony of your dreams, I will!

Some people choose to register their marriage prior to the ceremony,  and this can be a completely informal arrangement prior to your chosen wedding celebration, or you may choose to have have a registrar present at the ceremony.

Contact me via my contact page to discuss your wishes further, and together we can work to make them happen.